Action Ministries Houston Workforce

This ministry has no paid staff. All people involved in this ministry give their time and resources with just one expectation, that they might reach another person for Christ. In a normal week, 100 plus volunteers work with the ministry. It takes a loving heart and patience to do what is needed for the success of the ministries' work.

Have a day off? Have you been wondering what happens at AMH before 7:00 a.m.? Gordon would love for you to ride along with him. He is usually done by 10:00 a.m. so you would still have the rest of the day for whatever you have planned. Think about it – the rewards are great and there is usually a cup of Starbucks for added incentive. Couples are welcome. Children? With Dad as a chaperone!

There is a place for everyone in Action Ministries Houston. We need all types of people with all kinds of skills to operate. You may need a place to give a little of yourself. We have a place for you.

Current needs -

1. We are now looking for volunteers to package our pre-packaged meals.
The work isn't hard. We add rice, vitamins and dry vegtables and concentrated soy
and protein to a bag, seal and label the bag and then pack the bags in boxes for

2. Volunteers to assist with
- Shoe drive
- Operation Christmas Blessing
- Food Drives

Please give us your information at the side and we will call you to help.

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